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About HorseWorld Emporium
HorseWorld Emporium - Niagara Peninsula's Most Versatile Tack Shop


Our Mission:

• To supply high quality merchandise to our valued customer at a fair price.

• To service and repair all leather goods


To this end, we operate a 1000 sq. ft. saddlery on our premises. Horse-related items offered for sale to our customers have been tested on our own farm, and on our own horses. Then, if they meet our strict standards and our approval do they become part of our inventory. We want only the best for you and your horse.

Profile: Breck Foerstner
The Man Behind HorseWorld Emporium

by Debi Katsmar/Equine Niagara News

Breck with Horse

Born in Schlochau, East Germany (Now Poland) , Breck Foerstner has dedicated his life the health and welfare of horses as well as other animals. Over the years, he has lived and visited many parts of the world, furthering his life experiences and making him the man he is today. Receiving most of his riding and equine experience from Excavalry officers and Marbach in South Germany (Germany's oldest stud farm), as well as riding in Blackwell, Oklahoma and working a large herd of cattle, Breck eventually came to Canada where he has worked cattle, pig and turkey farms, and now a horse farm as well as his passion -  the ever-popular, HorseWorld Emporium in St. Catharines.

Breck and HorseWorld are no strangers to the equine enthusiasts of Niagara Region. Always a place to go, if not to buy new tack and riding apparel, or for repairs, but also a place for friendly conversation, or sound advice on that difficult horse. Always a treat to visit, HorseWorld really should have a Tim Hortons inside for the social aspect of the store.

Now that being said, there is more to Breck than a friendly smile and good conversation. As mentioned Breck has dedicated his life to the care and well-being of horses. His own farm is a true-testament to the horse's ability to live as they were meant to live. Stalls - you won't find any at the farm. A big barn built in the 1800s that was moved from its original foundation in a low area of the property to higher, dryer ground, allows the horses to come and go freely. Mares and geldings living in unison, happily eating the constant supply of hay, roaming the acres of beautiful fields and natural marsh lands - allowing the horses to be horses.

The horses have so much freedom to roam, you may even find a hoof print or two on the hardwood floor in the kitchen of Breck's home. Charlie-Horse, a 32 year old pony has been known to wander into the house for a gander. Maybe visiting the trees that used to stand on the property that now make up the handcrafted hardwood floor of the kitchen. 

Horse - another of Breck's charges will give a safe and wonderful ride, but keeps the others on the farm in check - the babysitter I believe. All the horses at the farm have a good life, cared for daily, not a halter in sight, nor a shoe on their feet.

As a natural-ferrier, Breck in most cases, trims his own horse's feet as needed. A firm believer they should be barefoot at all times regardless of use. If for some reason that foot needs protection there are many products on the market to give this protection (of which you can find these on the shelves at HorseWorld). Everything about Breck is 'au naturel'.

Always searching for those products that let horses be horses and to aid in their quality of life, Breck tests all products before agreeing to sell them in his store. Thus, assuring the quality and service-ability of the product meets his high standards for the safety of horse and rider. So much so, he even tries some of the products himself as in the case of the new Aussie Sea Mineral he carries.

The Aussie Sea Minerals help provide a balance of minerals for the horse's dietary needs making for healthy coats, help with joint problems and so much more. Breck tried the sea minerals on his horse Josephine, a severely arthritic horse with limited mobility, he also tried it himself. In both cases, Joesphine and Breck  - are both moving more freely, less aches and pains and in Josephine's case - her whole disposition has changed, once again becoming the free-loving and playful character she can be.

"There is one draw back to the Aussie Sea Minerals… Buckley's Cough Syrup tastes good in comparison," laughs Breck.

Over all a simple man that requires little to be happy. A great family, good friends - horses and humans alike, a roof over their heads, food in their bellies and, making a living helping others care for their horses - well - that's a bonus!

The store is filled with tack, apparel and good staff that share his belief in letting horses be horses. Regardless of what you need, product, service, an answer to a question or just a smile, you will always get it at HorseWorld.

If you have yet to have had a good conversation with Breck, make a point of introducing yourself and become part of the huge equine family he belongs to. His life experiences and knowledge will keep you coming back for more.

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