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Top quality tack doesn't have to be super expensive but it does make a difference to the performance of the rider and the horse. Courbette's saddles have unsurpassed quality that lasts for years and years.

Courbette / Lemetex

HorseWorld's featured saddlemaker

Premium European leather goods from Switzerland and Germany.  The flex tree and the spring tree with recessed stirrup bars are exclusive to the industry.  Very high standards in selection of raw materials and in craftsmanship have given the Courbette name high regard around the world, recommended by riders, trainers, police departments and cavalry units.

The gusseted WOOL-FLOCKED panels have a wide and deep channel to protect the spine and promote air circulation. These panels are shock absorbing, move with the horse, and distribute the rider's weight evenly.

We use only the finest quality smooth leather, vegetable tanned and aniline dyed... soft and supple, yet tanned for durability, long a Courbette trademark.



Aristokrat. Eloquence for the rider who wants to make a flawless first impression. The premium full grain smooth leather makes its own statement. We hand-select it for each individual saddle.

And the unique combination of supple German leather, a perfectly balanced soft seat and gusseted wool-flocked panels gives you every competitive advantage.

Connect to your horse in a whole new way . the ARISTOKRAT way. Each course, each jump-off or performance test holds a challenge for horse and rider. For all these individual needs there is an ARISTOKRAT waiting for you.

The Close Contact model features a substantial knee roll for comfort and support, while the removable rear block stabilizes the rider's lower leg.

The multi-purpose ARISTOKRAT combines elegant comfort and spirited style. One of our most versatile saddles, suitable for flat work, trail riding, cross country, eventing and working with young horses.

255 Aristokrat
All-Purpose / Eventing
Concealed knee rolls.
COLOuRS: Black, Berberbrown

SEAT SIZES: 16½" - 17" - 17½" - 18" - 18½" - 19"



For the overall Dressage experience, Courbette has achieved the highest accolades for quality, comfort, style and dependability.

The anatomically designed lines of the GALANT flow elegantly. Every graceful curve arcs beautifully. The classical styling is every inch a Courbette.

Perfection is in the details, as Courbette continues to prove.

Our legendary customer loyalty challenges us to constantly search for the world's finest materials, and produce innovative saddles that excel.

The finer art of Classical Riding is all about dedication, poise and balance.
The narrow twist, the low pommel and the recessed stirrup bars are integrated into our famous "Federbaum" spring tree with a deep and soft seat.

Wool-flocked extra wide gusseted panels maximize the contact area and ensure even weight distribution. This results in a relaxed back and longer, more rhythmic strides.
 COLORS: Black, Berberbrown

SEAT SIZES: 16 1/2" - 17" - 17 1/2" - 18" - 18 1/2" - 19"




The relentless pursuit of perfection is more than an advertising slogan. It reflects our tradition of establishing new standards, not simply following them. This dedication to be the best has created the GALANT line. You have never experienced a line quite like the GALANT. We encourage you to inspect the precise workmanship and the attention to details. Prepare to be dazzled by these sophisticated German saddles.

Meticulous German styling is complemented by premium full grain leather. You are cradled in luxurious comfort that will stand the test of time. Whether you are a weekend rider or professional, the multi-functional styles of the GALANT line will meet your needs. You will appreciate the extra energy-return capacity of our soft seat padding, the grippy seat and knee area leather, and the wool-flocked panels with a wide channel.


COLOURS: Berberbrown, Black

SEAT SIZES: 16 1/2" - 17" - 17 1/2" - 18" - 18 1/2" - 19"




is Courbette's most versatile close contact and multi-purpose saddle. It's ergonomic design is for riders who enjoy several disciplines, and who like to do it all in one saddle.


The OPTIMA is an exceptional choice and reliable companion for:   Hunter Pace  Field Hunting  Jumping  Eventing  Cross Country  Amateur Owner  Pleasure Riding  Flat Work  QH Hunter Under Saddle  Show Ring

Handcrafted on the "Federbaum" spring tree with recessed stirrup bars. The medium deep seat is wider than most, soft padded, and has a narrow twist for rider comfort. The semi cut-back low pommel allows a close contact fit, even on horses with high and/or long withers. Most importantly, the low pommel does not interfere with the rider. A generous sitting area provides proper support and encourages the rider's full use of seat and back.

The flaps are slightly longer and straighter than on ordinary close contact saddles - allowing a leg position judges will appreciate. Soft padded knee inserts over long concealed knee rolls emphasize the versatility of the truly remarkable OPTIMA.  Adjustable and removable rear blocks on Velcro offer precision support and peace of mind.

Available in different tree widths up to extra wide.

COLOURS:   Berberbrown, Black, Newmarket

SEAT SIZES: 16 ½" - 17" - 17 ½"  -  18" - 18 ½" - 19"


A cotton saddle cover, a brass name-plate and a handsome Courbette key chain come with your saddle, as well as the satisfaction of owning the perfect saddle.  




We are proud to introduce you to our new line of Children and Youth saddles. In keeping with our ongoing pursuit of perfection, we have been extra vigilant about the quality of the PRIMUS line while pricing it affordably.

The "Federbaum" spring tree with recessed stirrup bars, the ultra comfortable soft seat and the wool-flocked panels make these two German saddles first-class investments.

The PRIMUS provides a new dimension in support and soft seat comfort, giving your pony or horse the freedom to extend its natural capabilities.

The lasting quality of the PRIMUS allows to pass them on from generation to generation. And in case your PRIMUS is ever traded for an adult size saddle, you will enjoy the great resale value!

Made of premium full grain smooth and supple leather, vegetably tanned and aniline dyed.

Soft padded knee inserts and concealed knee rolls facilitate a secure leg position.

The deep seat PRIMUS All-Purpose features attractive DARK GREEN welts and stirrup leather keepers.

COLORS: Chocolate Brown, Black
SEAT SIZES:  S 201 15" - 15 1/2" - 16"
S 202 16" - 16 1/2



STYLIST , All purpose deep seat Comfort, balance and German quality combined mean pure pleasure for horse and rider.  For hunting, eventing or all-purpose riding, always be your reliable companion. 

S 284BL The Stylist with jumping blocks. Removable rear block on velcro. 

S 284 The Stylist with concealed knee rolls. 

FULL GRAIN smooth German cowhide. True "Federbaum" spring tree with narrow twist and recessed stirrup bars. Wool-flocked gusseted panels with a wide channel keep the back sound and conform to the horse.

COLOURS: Berberbrown, Black 

SEAT SIZES: 16 ½" - 17" - 17 ½" - 18" - 18 ½" - 19" 

Kneeroll or jumping blocks, front and rear, rear ones removable.





The Stylist "Power" is designed to offer perfect balance, to steady the hands, and to keep the horse's back sound. It brings out the grace and beauty of Show Jumping and the cross country/jumping phases of Three-Day Eventing. It exceeds the demands of competition at all levels.... the perfect blend of European saddle tradition with the international flair of the world's famous show grounds.

The gusseted short French panels are wool-flocked and offer very close leg contact, while distributing the weight evenly. The shorter panels and the redesigned flaps make the "Power" a perfect choice, even for the smaller rider.

Enjoy the finest vegetably tanned and aniline dyed full grain leather. Courbette's "Federbaum" spring tree with a wide, comfortable seat area features a narrow twist and recessed stirrup bars.
COLORS: Berberbrown, Newmarket

SEAT SIZES: 16 1/2" - 17" - 17 1/2" - 18" - 18 1/2" - 19"



Excellence in performance originates with a VISION saddle. This long anticipated addition to our assortment of saddles will satisfy every rider's tastes. You have to sit in one to truly appreciate the total comfort and harmony it transmits between you and your horse.

The exquisite TWO-TONE leather combination of brilliant colors, and its functional design will lift the VISION to the top of a rider's wish list. The finest grade top leather on the seat, knee areas and jockey inserts is BLACK, and the remaining parts of the flaps and jockeys are made of smooth DARK BROWN leather. In combination with the calfskin black panels, this unique saddle design creates a very rich appearance. Our VISION saddles are equally suitable for showing professionally or pleasure riding.

Handcrafted on our exclusive "Federbaum" spring tree with semi cut-back head for the perfect fit. This saddle tree features recessed stirrup bars. The concealed and anatomically shaped front thigh rolls are correctly placed to establish a proper leg position and very close contact to the horse. The unique seat profile is regarded as an important contribution to top performance. The wool-flocked panels offer a larger bearing surface for back protection and ideal weight distribution. The wool also allows these panels to breathe, absorb moisture and reduce heat build-up. They will mold to the horse's back for a proper fit, avoiding rocking and pivoting.

Show us your great taste - treat yourself to a new VISION saddle!
SEAT SIZES: 16 1/2" - 17" - 17 1/2" - 18" - 18 1/2"  - 19"

COLOR: Two-Tone Berberbrown with Black


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